The Monument of Jewish Martyrs of the Holocaust
The Municipality of Larissa and the Jewish Community, in memory and homage to the memory of the 235 Jewish residents of the town, victims of the Holocaust, erected and dedicated on 1987, the first in Greece Monument of Jewish Martyrs of the Holocaust. The monument is the work of the sculptor Georgios Chouliaras. It was built on a square next to the Synagogue, created on the position of old jewish properties, and for this reason the Municipality named it as “Square of Jewish Martyrs of the Holocaust”. The unveiling of the monument took place on April 5th 1987 by the representative of the government, the Minister for the Environment Physical Planning and Public Works Evaggelos Kouloumpis, the Mayor of Larissa Aristeidis Lamproulis and the President of the Central Board of Jewish Communities of Greece Joseph Lovinger, in an exceptionally emotional ceremony with the participation of many important personalities and a lot of people.
Anne Frank Monument
The Municipality of Larissa dedicated another square, situated next to the General Hospital, to the memory of the Holocaust, by giving the name “Anne Frank Square”. In cooperation with the Secretariat of the Region of Thessaly, it erected a commemorative column, work by the sculptor Kostas Ntais, in the memory of the tragic jewish girl, in the face of which 1.500.000 children lost in the Holocaust are remembered. The unveiling of the column took place on October 31st 1999, with the Ambassador of Israel and Netherlands being present, along with the President of the CBJC, local authorities and many citizens. A special event has preceded in the Municipal Conservatory of the town, with main speaker the author of Larissa and instigator of the naming of the square, Vaggelis Kolonas, while in the foyer a photo exhibition was held for Anne Frank, in cooperation with the Embassy of Netherlands.
Monument of the Larissa Jews who died in the Second World War
The Jewish Community, fulfilling its debt to the Jews of Larissa who fell heroically fighting for Greece during the Second World War, erected a commemorative plaque in their memory, work of the sculptor Kostas Ntais as well, in the yard of the Synagogue. Its unveiling took place on 2003 by the Commander of 1st Army.

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