The Jewish Community of Larissa maintains a Blood Bank in the General Hospital of Larissa. It is an important and valuable service that the Community wishes to be able to offer to all its members regardless of the fact if they are donors themselves.
For this reason, it is necessary for the Community Blood Bank to be continuously reinforced with new units.


If you are a member of the Community and you urgently need blood for yourself or a close relative, you can call the Community office. You will mention the details of the person needing the blood, the hospital to which the blood must be sent and the number of units needed.
If there is availability in the Blood Bank, the office will send the blood IMMEDIATELY, through the Blood Donation Centre of the General Hospital of Larissa.
When eventually the health problem, which led you requesting help from the Community, ends, please attend to return the benefaction, by donating blood yourself, your relatives or friends, in order to replace the units used. It is not obligatory, but it is deeply humane to “recycle” the help with the offer to the fellow human being.


If you are between 18 and 60 years old, in good health and do not take medication, you can regularly donate blood with no risk for your own health.
In order to register in the volunteer blood donors group of our Community, a simple telephone call to the Community office is enough.
Our office will invite you to volunteer blood donations, which are organized once or twice a year in our Cultural Centre with the cooperation of the Blood Donation Centre of Larissa. Furthermore, in periods during which there is great need for blood, you will be notified and asked to donate blood directly to the General Hospital, by noting that you donate it for the Community Blood Bank.
With your first blood donation, you will receive the volunteer blood donor’s card.

It is very important to remember that :
  • The volunteer blood donation constitutes the most essential offer to the fellow human being.
  • Blood is not produced, or replaced, or sold, or bought. It is only donated.
  • Candidate blood donors are only healthy people, while a candidate receiver is… everyone!

Do you have any question?

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