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The Office of the Community is located in an elegant modern building since 1996, on the Jewish Martyrs square, on 29 Kentavron street. It operates daily with permanent administrative personnel, dealing with all the issues of the community.
Το κτίριο των γραφείων της Ισραηλιτικής Κοινότητας
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Esdra Moysis Archive
In the library of the Community Offices there is the valuable personal Archive of the late honorary president of the Community of Larissa, Esdra Moysis, which he donated himself to the Community on 2007. It constitutes the result of a whole life’s efforts of the donor and includes any kind of information concerning the Community of Larissa and Greek Judaism in general, the history of Larissa, the Diaspora Judaism, Israel, the War, the Occupation, the Resistance, the Holocaust, the jewish religion and tradition, various personalities. It also provides letters, articles, studies, documents of great historical importance, photographs, correspondence and books. Also, newspapers, magazines and publications, of jewish interest and not only, published from the period before the war until today. The Archive exists in its original form, but has also been recorded to digital form, with the initiative and care of the Jewish Museum of Greece and sponsorship by the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is at the disposal of every historian and researcher interested to turn to it.
Μάρτιος 2009 - Παράδοση του Αρχείου από τον Εσδρά Μωυσή στον Πρόεδρο της ΙΚΛ, Μώρις Μαγρίζο

March 2009 – delivery of Archives by Esdra Moses to JCL President, Morris Magrizo

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