The old historical jewish cemetery of Larissa was situated in the quarter of Filippoupoli. It was used until the beginning of the 20th century, but was gradually trespassed by various people. Finally, during the occupation and later on, it was totally destroyed, while, a whole new quarter was built in this area for housing the refugees from Eastern Rumelia.
The Community, already from 1900, bought a piece of land, next to the christian cemetery, at the quarter of Anthoupoli, which was formed for the burial of its deceased. This cemetery is used until today and its care constitutes a sacred duty for the Community. Moreover, in 2012, with the precious supervision of Mr. Victor Venouziou a big project was completed, to the back part of the cemetary, aiming to the exposure and mapping of the old graves. The result of this work was the creation of a guide-album, located at the Community office and is today available to anyone. It includes photographs of the old graves and details of the deceased, classified in such a way to make their detection easier. The ultimate goal of this project was to remember and certify the names of the ancestors resting there to eternity.

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